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Nano Lopez Life-size Bobby the Baby Elephant

Expected release date May 20, 2017

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Nano Lopez "Olivia"

Nano Lopez "Sherlock"

    Nano Lopez was born October 31, 1955, in Bogota Colombia.  Recognition of his artistic ability came early in life when he was awarded first place in a municipal school drawing contest.  By the last few years of high school he was making serious copies of Michelangelo’s sculptures.

In 1978, he traveled to Spain and began working for the renowned sculptor Francisco Baron.  While with Francisco, Nano carved marble, granite and fabricated steel while working with all three materials on a monumental scale.  It was in Madrid the he began casting his won works in bronze and held his first single artist show.  After two years, Nano made his way to France, where he continued to study and show his work.

At the Superior National School of Beaux Arts in Paris, Nano focused his studies in new materials and discovered the versatility of polyester as a casting medium.  In 1981, he returned to Bogota to build a studio and put to use the methods he had learned in Europe.
In 1983, he moved again this time to the Pacific Northwest of the United States.  He began to work with Manuel Izquierdo, head of the sculpture department at the Pacific Northwest College of Art.  During the following four years, he was employed by various bronze foundries in the Northwest, and further developed his abilities in welding, tooling, and patinas.

In 1988, Nano began his own business in Walla Walla, Washington, enlarging small maquettes to monumental sizes.  The demand for Nano’s enlarging work is sought after by artists and foundries alike.  In 2002, Nano moved into his custom-built building consisting of 27’ ceilings with skylights, and 8,000 square feet of floor space.  This attractive building is also enhanced by a beautifully landscaped pond.

Aside from his business enterprise, Nano has continued to produce his own sculptures and two-dimensional works.  His subject matter primarily figurative, describes the essential in the human condition-in a strong and emotionally charged way.  Surface texture is an important element in both his two and three-dimensional pieces.  The combination of his classical training and experimentation with materials has led to the production of avant-garde art, which combines the aesthetic considerations and rich textural surfaces.

Nano’s work brings up intense emotions and deep thinking.  It captures the inner life of our time and provides us with a mirror of contemporary society and the spirit of modern man.

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