Tom Marosz Works

A Tear for Henry in Pacifica Blue w/stand by Tom Marosz
  • Tom Marosz

  • A Tear for Henry in Pacifica Blue w/stand

  • Glass

  • 30 " x 30 " x 10 "
  • Abstract

    A Tear For Henry was the first sculpture Tom sold as an artist. This piece gets its name from his father, Henry, who died as he was completing the very first art glass sculpture of this line. If you look carefully, you can see the open space forms a tear drop in the center of this piece.

    Tom’s art glass vector line sculpture is made from float glass. The crystal beauty and simplicity of this design, contrasting elegance, form, color and polish all combine to take your breath away. This versatile glass sculpture can sit on its own or supported by a glass stand.Tear for Henry on stand is a statement piece. Tear for Henry is available with or without stand and also comes in 9 colors including 24k gold leaf. Also note, Tear for Henry can be placed without the stand as a free standing sculpture. Please call gallery for customization.
  • $9,600