Angela De la Vega

Angela De la Vega


Artist's Statement of Purpose


Freedom of spirit is my work's purpose:  To uplift and inspire feelings of pure love and joy.  My fulfillment as an artist is complete if I feel that my sculpture stirs or awakens personal emotion in the hearts of its viewers.

As I sculpt, I listen to an enduring memory of my own experiences.  Each sculpture begins as dramatic light and shadows over form.  Unique details then deliver a responding body that listens as a live face does.

Upon signing my works in clay, it is difficult to resist the thrill of creation.  I have a strong sense that nothing is finalized; it continues to develop and grow, as do our children.  I feel the spirit of life itself is emanating from the sculpture.

Because of the passion that inspires my sculpting, I hope to transmit a complexity of emotions to those who contemplate my work.